Casino on Net

One might say that “Casino on Net” was the forerunner of all online casinos. It first started operations in 1996 – which is ‘way back then’ by Internet standards – but “Casino on Net” labored over the last ten years to become the biggest online casino on the web today. “Bigger might not always mean better” but it certainly does when one’s talking of Casino on Net’s.

It knows what punters want and gives it to them and has thereby garnered for itself an excellent reputation.

The visual and audio presentation of “Casino on Net” is a wonder to perceive and seemingly has no negative effects on software which is a much more important than many might think. All the games are fast and there are no long delays while waiting to get started, as there are with lots of other online casinos. In addition there’s a substantial array of games with all of the major ones being covered: blackjack, craps, roulette, slots, etc. It must be said however that “Casino on Net” doesn’t offer many of the lesser known games, but offers only the big and more popular ones which might be a big negative if you’re looking for a specific game and aren’t willing to accept an alternative.

The idea behind all special promotions is that they will attract new business, and “Casino on Net” does this by offering an up to $200 sign-up bonus, which is huge considering it’s being offered by a top established casino. Payments are fast and there are several different modes available. In addition to payment options, the user friendliness was one of the things we most appreciated in our dealings with “Casino on Net”. How often do you find a casino that offers nine languages to choose from (everything from Italian to Korean), and “Casino on Net” also offers downloadable and non-downloadable versions which is great if you’re in a hurry to get started.

It must be said that customer support is perhaps one of “Casino on Net” greatest failings and it needs to be a lot more receptive to customers needs and customer support. Although they ‘offer’ 24/7 online support the responses will often take a lot longer than that so don’t expect personalized attention when you’re dealing with an online casino of this gargantuan size. This however should be easily pardonable when you consider “Casino on Net’s huge array of positive features which include a payout percentage of almost 98%, as assessed by PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

It’s not perfect but we found nothing better and that says a lot. Taken as a whole, “Casino on Net” is still the best and nothing tops it. Given its historic reputation and general playability we can only say. Highly recommended!